Kibo is the first interactive instrument produced by Kodaly S.r.l., entirely made of wood and covered by patent. Kibo translates musical notes in geometric shapes and helps the development of visual, tactile, auditive and mnemonic capacities.

The musical notes are realised in eight geometric extractable solids, easily recognizable. The note will be released on the simple touch of the solids only when inserted in the corresponding hole.

You can choose to use Kibo either as a percussion instrument or as a Dj console to launch fantastic music loops by inserting the forms.

Kibo is a ready-to-use instrument which can be directly connected to an iPhone, iPad or a Mac with bluetooth and used as a polyphonic musical keyboard thanks to our App.

A single rotating knob is used for everything, to navigate in a world of sounds even when far away from the screen.

Set up the timbre, the pitch and the scale is super easy thanks to the Apps' multiplayer funcitons which allow the control of max seven Kibo simultaneously connected to one mobile device.

Kibo can be used with any software or hardware that supports the MIDI protocol but it can be also a fully customizable interactive interface for students and developers.

The attribution of a physical identity for every music pitch eases the use of the instrument for visually impaired people as well as people with neurologic disfunctions like autism.

Kodaly S.r.l. promotes music inclusion through the development of creative technologies to facilitate social inclusion and cultural exchange. We encourage the research on sound in the artistic, scientific and social field for the development of new expressive forms through multimedialiality.

499 €
499 €
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